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Headhunters - Outdoor Laser Tag, Much better than Paintball

* No Messy Paint
* No Bruises when shot
* No Facemask
* No Goggles to wear
* Only 1, fixed, cost

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For Junior Headhunters
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All the Excitement of Paintball - none of the drawbacks. Ouotdoor Laser Combat

Join Headhunters Platoon for a more tactical and realistic outdoor laser combat game.

Follow the exploits of Easy Company (as featured in the "Band of Brothers" series during Operation Overlord.

Organise your squad to re-enact the 6th British Airborne Division's capture of Pegasus Bridge and take part in many more scenarios at the Headhunters Battlefield.

Our unique Woodland Battlefield features include

*  OPs

Frontline Troops
Must be AT LEAST
13 Years Old

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Troops on patrol - Outdoor Laser Combat Games / Laser Tag

We aim to create an activity where players can immerse themselves and be part of the ultimate adventure day.

The game scenarios involve stealth, cunning, surprise, excitement and great fun.


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T: 01249 721196  E: info@headhunterscombatgames.co.uk
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